Class Schedule

The Hot Yoga and Wellness Center is well aware of how important the Yoga practice is for our mind,
body and souls. We truly respect those of you that are not ready to come to a class with 5 or more people,
therefore, we are now offering one on one yoga classes, by appt only.

* Please feel free to bring a friend, partner or family member to your session if you choose and we will
just charge per person. If there is up to five per a class there will be a 5% discount.

Please contact us personally to set up your appt.

Mollie Stodd – 937.545.0476

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If you would like your instructor to wear a mask please let them know when you book your appt. We want you all to feel as comfortable as possible. We have and will continue to disinfect all door knobs in and outside of studio, wipe down all surfaces in studio before and after class, as well as floors, props and mats.

* According to the CDC, COVID-19 is spread by tiny droplets in the air. The risk of bringing it into your home is low but your comfort is what we care about.


If you are a regular student we do encourage you to let us set the heat an hour before each class. No heat is perfectly
fine as well..but again please let the instuctor of your choice know ahead of time.