What to Bring

  • Yoga Mat
  • Large, full-size towel to cover your mat
  • Water Bottle ( bottled water and coconut water available for purchase at studio)
  • If you do not have or forget any of the these items you can rent from us for a small fee.
  • Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes prior to class, we lock the doors at the start of class so everyones things are safe

After Class:

* You might feel full of energy, this is great !

* You might feel tired. This is absolutely normal and a good sign that your body is cleansing. Your energy levels should return to normal within several classes.

*You might feel sore or stiff the day after class. Come back to class as soon as possible! Your body is waking up and coming alive and you want to keep the process going!

* Please drink lots of water, perhaps adding electrolytes. Calm and relaxed breathing is so important. Remember breath before depth !

*You might feel very hungry, or not have an appetite after class; both reactions are normal. If you are concerned about your weight, please let us know. You’ll find yourself feeling and looking leaner and stronger.